Speeding Tickets How To Tips

I hate speeding tickets but I love driving. While driving in general is not that exciting, driving fast is. There seems to be a problem with it called speeding tickets. Nothing can alter your driving mood like the infamous traffic ticket. That’s why I pay much attention to speeding tickets how to.

I know I am not the only one who has gotten one of these “infractions.” They are unfair for the most part. Like once I was taking on a road trip with my friend and I got pulled over for going 65 in a 30mph zone. There was no reduced speed limit warning coming off the freeway on the Oregon Coast. You need some knowledge on fight traffic tickets to handle this.

Obviously this did not matter to the cop who pulled me over. I cannot even begin to tell you how annoyed I get too when they ask why they pulled you over. I think they get enjoyment out of asking that stupid little phrase. Apparently they have to ask you this to get you to confess to your “crime.” It is not a crime! If you weren’t meant to speed then why do they make cars that go faster than the average speed limit? I tell you it is a government conspiracy! They force you to learn fighting traffic tickets.

Fight speeding tickets by sticking it to the man! A hundred dollar speeding ticket is just a disguise for the real cost. Inevitably you always get scheduled to appear in court during working hours so that you continue to lose money. Now your $100 dollar ticket has magically turned into a $200 plus ticket. There is nothing good associated with speeding tickets. So I am an advocate for contesting speeding tickets every time.

True story; I got off with a warning for going 90mph in a 30mph zone, passing on a double yellow in front of on coming traffic, which just so happened to be a green cop car, in a car registered in California, a drivers license issued in Washington and insurance in Arizona. I suppose if you are women and are lucky enough to get pulled over by a man, your have a better chance of getting just a warning then an actual ticket.

Now I would like to say that I got off with a warning because I was all jazzed up that day, but I would have to say for all those offenses which were pretty obvious, that I got off because he could not prove that I was speeding. I mean, he did not have radar so he could not have been able to pace me and there were no air cops either so he really did not have anything for his defense.

After reading this book I found on contesting speeding tickets, in hind sight I can say it was defiantly the lack of evidence that got me off the hook, not my smile. I have not gotten that lucky all the time but now I know I have a reliable defense when it comes to getting my tickets reduced or thrown out.

This defiantly beats the alternative called driving school which inevitably reduces you to ranks of elementary understandings of the color yellow meaning caution. My driving record is not exactly clean and my insurance is costing me a fortune so let me put it to you this way. I have trouble obeying the laws when it comes to my enjoyment.

Obviously to avoid speeding tickets you probably should not speed, but 1. I cannot stand being behind some old man with an oxygen tank in the back of his car; and 2. Most speed limits are too slow. I got a speeding ticket in an alley once for going 10 mph. Gimmi a break! My Grandma can walk faster than that.

In short, contesting the infamous speeding ticket is easy if you know where to find the information you need to beat it.

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